We have been happy customers for over 15 years. The pool is great, but the people (Debbie, Chuck and Michael) are awesome and make the relationship – always accommodating and professional! Plus, the service guys are the best!

Best day of the year is when we open; the worst is when we close. Thanks for another wonderful season of backyard living!!!

Joe – Westport, CT

I just wanted to write and say a big THANK YOU to Debbie and Jacquie for the great customer service that they have both given our family this year. After we opened the pool, the pump decided it had had enough. Jacquie was fantastic about getting a service call set up, and even with some confusion on both our parts, we were able to get a new pump installed the very next day. Of course, that wouldn’t be the end of the story. Our pool heater, which worked the first time we used the pool, decided not to turn on. Debbie worked to get us on the list, and just in time for the holiday weekend, the guys came, replaced the part necessary, and left us with a working heater once again. I know that everyone is quick to complain when something goes wrong and very rarely does anyone say anything nice when things go right. I’m a service professional, so I know from experience. I want you to know how much we appreciate you and the service you give our family. THANK YOU!!


Just wanted to send along a thank you note; our experience with you and your company has been a good one. We enjoyed the pool and can’t wait for a full summer next season. Thanks again.

Rich – Farmington, CT

Please pass along my thanks to everyone involved in this renovation. You guys turned out to be the ultimate pros in your business. As far as I’m concerned, this ‘renovation’ has resulted in a new pool. Aqua Pool has handled every phase of this operation with heavy experience and thorough professionalism.


Thanks for the thorough explanation and for your continued great…no, awesome…support! Thanks.


I wanted to thank you for sending Dave out to get our pool working properly after the opening last week. It definitely had some issues including not reaching prime, pressure way too high, and DE powder washing into the pool. He is very thorough and has great knowledge about your pools (as I’m sure you already know).

Brenda – Hebron, CT

Thank you! Without the Aqua Pool team, we wouldn’t have such an awesome pool to enjoy for years to come!!

Shawn and Laura

Please accept this long overdue note of thanks for all of the time and effort you and your associates devoted to the design and construction of our wonderful swimming pool… we are so delighted to have an absolutely lovely and serene yet highly useful and practical facility.

And even though exercise was a primary motivation, we also find it thoroughly enjoyable to just sit by the water, reading or relaxing. As we had hoped, it has also provided us with the perfect site for family gatherings, and our children and grandchildren are already looking forward to the upcoming summer season. In a word, our new pool has provided a major contribution to the enhancement of the DeLucia family lifestyle.

We hope that you will find the opportunity to stop by and view the completed project. We think it is so attractive that we don’t even mind looking at the winter cover!

Bob and Esther

I am writing to tell you about the excellent customer service that I received from Debbie. Over the last few weeks I had become very frustrated over a problem with our pool. I called Aqua Pool and Debbie immediately helped me with my problem. She spent a lot of time on the phone talking to me and to Alex from pool doctors. She was completely correct about the nature of our problem. She was also great about returning phone calls and organizing the repair. I am grateful to her for going out of her way for us during a difficult situation. She was extremely knowledgeable, organized and very caring in the way she treated both me and my husband. Thanks again.


Happy Customer of Aqua Pool in CT. Amber South Windsor CT