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A pool cover that is stored without being properly cleaned can lead to staining and premature deterioration. BioGuard Stow Away effectively removes dirt and debris and deodorizes many types of pool and solar covers. Use of this product may extend the life of any cover.

Product Benefits:

  • Pool cover cleaner
  • Contains quaternary ammonium compounds
  • Eliminates objectionable odors
  • Aids in removing soils and stains
  • Cover may be folded and stored wet
  • Controls mildew
  • May be used on solar covers, pool umbrellas and other poolside items.

Dosage Direction:

  • Apply Stow Away liberally to cover while still on pool.
  • Scrub thoroughly and rinse.
  • Uniformly apply another thin coat of BioGuard Stow Away.
  • Fold and store cover.
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