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Pool Updating Services

A pool renovation can be a simple facelift or it can be a whole lot more. No matter how old your pool is, or what the design style is we can turn your dated pool into the masterpiece that you have been dreaming of. Let Aqua Pools renovation pros deliver more than you ever thought possible with a pool makeover. Creative design and state of the art technology will not only ensure that you get a more modern looking poolscape, but will also enhance the comfort and safety of your home. We lead the way with new pool designs and innovation. Our awards, staff experience and testimonials speak for themselves. If you are wondering what the potential is for the look of your prior investment call Aqua Pool to see how we can improve your old pool today.

Pool Upgrades

Pool system upgrades and pool equipment modernization help to bring your pool up to date. Sometimes referred to as “salt water filter system,” this natural process actually uses an electrolytic cell and ordinary salt to generate natural chlorine for your pool. This kills bacteria, and algae while making water feel more pleasant and softer than traditional pool water. Other upgrades include energy efficiency, cleaner working filtration systems, internet based computer automated remote controlled spa controls, high volume water pumps, Improved underwater lighting, and uv/ozone purification systems. To learn more information about upgrading your pools systems, contact Aqua Pool and Patio.


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