Gunite Pool Companies In Ct

If you are thinking about owning a gunite pool in CT, Aqua Pool and Patio is the pool company you can trust and count on. Gunite pools are known for their many shape designs and long-lasting durability. These are the types of pools you usually would see in swanky resorts and hotels. Nowadays, people are having gunite pools installed in their CT homes in record numbers. If you want one in your backyard, you're in the right place now!

What is a Gunite Pool?

Gunite is basically concrete. It's made of sand, water, and cement. The only difference between gunite and concrete is that gunite is applied in layers with a specialized spray gun, which is much different than traditional cement which is laid in wooden frames. What does this difference mean to the ordinary swimming pool owner? Well, first and foremost, it means that the pool owner is getting a much stronger and more durable pool because gunite is seamless.

Just as important, using gunite versus regular concrete means that installers can get much more creative with your pool's design. Again, you often see these types of pools in upscale locations. By using a specialized spray gun, Aqua Pool and Patio can spray the concrete on curves and even vertical surfaces, giving your pool a distinct, modern, and attractive look.

Let Aqua Pool and Patio Install Your Gunite Pool

We are one of the most experienced installers of gunite pools in CT. Because we have a wealth of experience and knowledge, along with all of the right tools and equipment, we can save pool owners both precious time and money during the installation process. We'll keep your backyard clean as we work, and we'll keep the amount of digging and tearing up that comes with a pool installation to a minimum.

When You are Ready for Gunite Pool Installation

We will first come to your home or establishment and survey the area we will be installing the pool. Once a quote has been given and a contract has been agreed upon, we'll immediately begin installing your pool. Step one involves digging the pool shape in the respective area and installing an iron rebar framework. This will provide added reinforcement to the structure. Next, we'll spray your gunite, smooth it, and let it settle.

Once the gunite is set, we will finish the pool installation. We offered tiled, pebbled, and plaster pool finishes. We can also mix and combine finishes for a more unique and interesting pool.

Aqua Pool and Patio Offers Never-Ending Pool Service and Support

When you choose Aqua Pool and Patio to install your gunite pool in CT, we'll provide you with lifetime maintenance at a nominal fee. Of course, we offer lifetime support and a full warranty on all of our work. Just remember Aqua Pool and Patio when you purchase a gunite pool in CT. Doing so will save you time, money, and hassle, and Aqua provides the best ongoing service in the business.

Gunite Pool Companies In Ct