Gunite Pool

Enjoy Your Summer at Gunite Pool

There is “something” about a house with a swimming pool that makes outdoor summer events very special. It might be the squeal of laughing children as they splash and swim and make adults act like kids themselves when they take the plunge into the crystal-clear water of a well-maintained pool. That small body of water seems to make food from the barbeque taste better and creates a calm ambiance to enjoy a few drinks with friends at a poolside table.

In addition to the fun, installing a swimming pool will add value to your house. And, if you live in Massachusetts (MA), Rhode Island (RI) or Connecticut (CT), the best builders of pools, spas and even small waterfalls is Aqua Pools & Patios, based in Windsor, CT.

Since 1970, Aqua Pools has delighted homeowners with their commitment to helping them make informed decisions about the best pool for their property. They offer in-house financing and can install a new pool or renovate your existing pool. They will also help you maintain it after it is up and running.

What is Gunite?

In 1907, an American taxidermist named Carl Akely invented a way to shoot dry concrete powder out of a hose with compressed air and mix it with water as it is released. He was granted a patent in 1911 for a cement “gun” that created the mixture that Akely called Gunite. The term became the trademark name of Allentown Equipment as they produced the machinery to spray Gunite.

Other manufacturers had to use other names for the same mixture and over the years the term shotcrete became the generic term for sprayed concrete using a wet or dry feed. Today, Gunite is usually referred to as the dry feed mixture while shotcrete is generally used for the wet feed process.

Gunite is now used to construct longer lasting and more durable swimming pools using re-bar framework than those that use conventional concrete construction with a wood framework. Because it is a spray it will allow the pool builder to create a custom design that may not be feasible with other materials.

One of the misconceptions about Gunite is that it is not suitable for cold weather climates “enjoyed” by the New England area during the winter months. The true cause of a Gunite pool failure is due to an improperly designed pool or perhaps some shift in the ground itself. The rebar / Gunite construction is sturdier and more flexible than a wood frame concrete pool under any conditions.

About Aqua Pools & Patios

Aqua Pools & Patios has been serving the three-state area since 1970. Their skilled staff includes skilled technicians and construction workers as well as pool designers and service people. The boss of the operation is rumored to be a four-legged canine named Wilfred and except for Wilfred, they are experts in the construction and renovation of Gunite pool.

Aqua Pools & Patios have been named as one of the top 50 pool builders in the USA by Pool & Spa News for six consecutive years. They are the pool builder of choice if you need a great summer hang-out listening to the Red Sox on the radio or pondering if the Patriots will win another Super Bowl in 2020. Call toll free at 860 623-9886 or 800 722-2782 or send an email to for a quote and to answer any questions about a Gunite pool in MA, CT or RI.