Custom Inground Pools

Custom Inground Pools in Your Area

Looking for a new place to live in could be a very tedious process. Buyers would usually want everything to be ready and good to go when it comes to the functions of the house. They could be looking for tiled floors, painted windows or a built pool by the yard.

It is not all the time that customers are satisfied with how a house is designed and decorated upon its purchase. And one of the main things that customers look for in properties is pools. Which is why Aqua Pool and Patio is here to take the plunge for you.

We provide pool services in the areas of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Our company has been in the pool servicing industry ever since the year 1970 up to the present time where we aim to continue providing high-quality services just like we did from the beginning.

Our services consist of designing, building and installing swimming pools for both residential and commercial uses. We also accept services that personal spas and waterfalls design. Our team uses high-quality materials with our installations and we also follow a 10-step building process in ensuring the quality of what we create.

Our Custom Inground Pools

In the areas of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we have installed both above-ground pools and in-ground pools. More than these, we provide custom made pools to our customers who prefer to have a more personal touch with their pools.

We do not just base our work on the beauty of a pool but we also prioritize the reliability and durability of it. We see to it that as much as the pool is attractive to the eye, it is also as durable for use.

Independent Swimming Pools

The pools that we create are also self-cleaning pools. Let’s admit it, keeping the pool clean is a hard task. Either we hire someone to do it for us or we do it ourselves. But cleaning a pool is hard work and not everyone is up for the task.

That is why for your convenience, we have created self-cleaning pools for our customers. It's suitable for those who don’t have time to clean. As much as it helps in saving time, it gets the job done without spending much effort.

Best Custom Inground Pools in the Area

Aqua Pool and Patio do not only give you amazingly attractive pools, spas, and waterfalls. We also make sure that our products last a long time for you to enjoy.

With our installation services plus the bonus of maintenance and renovation offers, you won’t have a hard time keeping to the matters regarding your pool, spa or waterfalls. Not only do we install, but we aim to maintain the quality of our services even after we’ve fully installed our products.

Should you be interested to know more about our company and the products that we offer, please feel free to contact us through our Contact tab on our website.