Becoming a Waterwise Pool Owner

20 Mar Becoming a Waterwise Pool Owner

Before you know it, summer will back in full effect and the entire country will be dealing with another long hot season. Now more than ever, these long seasons are taxing regional water sources in many places around the country. In order to be a responsible and prepared pool owner who is invested in doing their part to conserve resources, follow these simple waterwise steps to help make sure your pool is not a guzzler.

  • Make sure water features like waterfalls and fountains are turned off except when being used, especially during the hottest time of the day.
  • Point all pool returns downward so that they do not kick up any turbulence into the surface of the pool.
  • Consider purchasing a solar blanket and having it in place whenever the pool is not in use.

The purpose of all of these steps is to minimize the effects of evaporation. Pools are actually less water-intensive than lawns and lose most of their water to  the sun. That is why kicking water up into the air with fountains and waterfalls is a surefire way to increase the rate at which water disappears into the atmosphere.

Do your part this summer and take care to conserve!